If It’s On My Computer, It’s Mine!

If I am going to download any software to my computer or my mobile device, regardless of whether I paid for the software or not, I want to be able to do whatever I want with the software at that point.  If the software is on my computer, it is mine, and I see no reason why I should not be able to change or modify the software in any way.  Of course, many developers of apps and games do whatever they can in order to keep you from modifying their software, and the main reason that they do this is because they want to milk every last penny that they can out of you.  You could be playing a game that is advertised as free on your PC or your cell phone, but then you will reach a certain part of the game in which you will be expected to pay in order to be able to move on.  In my opinion, this is extremely shady, and it is something that I do not want to have any part in.


Of course, that is easy enough for me to say, but this sort of model for doing business is something that is practiced by most developers out there.  So, my options are then to either completely avoid the vast majority of apps that can be downloaded to my phone or my PC, or I am going to have to find a way around their shady dealings.  Because I actually do like a lot of these games and apps, I have decided to do the latter, and I have found an excellent resource for doing this very thing at https://www.imvucredithack.net/.  This site actually gave me all of the information that I needed in order to work around the pay walls of IMVU, and now I can actually enjoy that particular program without feeling as though I am being suckered out of my money.

When it comes to certain games and programs for your personal computer, I would never suggest that you pirate software or anything like that.  A lot of these developers work really hard on their products, and the prices they ask for the software are not extreme.  If you enjoy a PC game, you definitely ought to pay for it.  However, if a company is going to advertise a game as free and then try to charge you an arm and a leg on the back end, I am all for doing whatever you can to avoid being charged so much.

While many companies have seen loads of profits by charging people for “free” apps, there are many of us who are waking up to what they are doing, and we, as consumers, can tell them in many different ways that this is not right.  Sure, we can avoid using those apps at all, or we can use the apps and modify them however we like so that we can do whatever we want with them.