Woodside at Friendship Village
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Welcome to the assisted living community that revolves around you.

Personal Choice. Personal Satisfaction.

If thereís one thing you can be sure of with assisted living, itís that all communities are not alike. Many, for instance, ask residents to redesign their life to fit the community. Not so with Woodside at Friendship Village Assisted Living Community in Kalamazoo. Our Resident-Centered Services program is custom designed to fit the wants, needs and preferred schedules of each individual resident.

Here, the staff doesnít expect residents to adapt to the communityís way of doing things. Instead, they approach everyday as if they are working in the residentís home. From activities and menus to the care and customer service that loved ones and residents receive, everything at Woodside is tailor-made for a dynamic and satisfying experience.

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Woodside at Friendship Village
1390 North Drake Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49006
Phone: (269) 381-8837